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Online Follow-Up Doctor Visits for Fillmore, UT

Advanced Medical Weight Loss is delighted to provide online follow-up doctor visits and online medical care options for our patients living in and around Fillmore, UT. We understand how busy life is and know that traveling to our office for an appointment is not always easy or convenient. This excellent option is the perfect solution for individuals who are a part of our medical weight loss programs.

It is essential to meet with a doctor and medical staff so your weight loss journey is a success. Advanced Medical Weight Loss provides online meeting options with your weight-loss provider without having to leave your home or office. Our options enable you to communicate via a video-chat session on your computer or other devices and receive the care and follow-up visits you need. Communicating with your medical provider by video chat is also called telemedicine or telehealth, and we are pleased to offer this benefit to those who live in the Fillmore area.

Online follow-up doctors’ appointments are very similar to our office visits. During your online follow-up medical appointment, we review your vital signs, discuss your weight-loss successes, and address any challenges that have come up. The doctors and staff with Advanced Medical Weight Loss also provide dietary counseling and program updates in your follow-up telehealth meeting. Additionally, we refill any medication prescription you need and schedule your next online follow-up doctor appointment.

Follow-Up Visit Requirements

Patients living in Fillmore, UT, and who are under the care of Dr. Muse and the staff with Advanced Medical Weight Loss, must demonstrate they have the necessary equipment for quality video chatting during the online doctor follow-up visits.

Our online follow-up online appointments cannot be scheduled until you meet these requirements:

  • Have access to an electronic blood-pressure cuff that can measure blood pressure, take a pulse and display those values in real-time to the office over the video link.
  • Patients must provide their current weight before the online doctor visit begins. The current weight must be measured on a certified scale showing zero weight when there’s nothing on the scale. Patients must have their weight taken within 24 hours prior to the online follow-up doctor visit by a third-party professional who can document, date and sign off on it. Weight recorded on a personal scale or on a scale at a fitness center is not acceptable. We’ll request the documented weight via video chat before the online follow-up doctor appointment.
  • All new patients will be seen in-person at our office at least once before scheduling a telemedicine appointment.
  • Patients already participating in our telehealth conferences will be required to visit our office once every 12 months before scheduling additional online follow-up visits with the doctor.
  • Online follow-up doctor visits should be scheduled in advance and are subject to provider availability. The same no-show fees, policies and late policies will apply to online follow-up doctor appointments. In addition, a credit card payment must also be on file in advance.
  • We can’t guarantee that online doctor follow-ups occur right on time, due to the possibility that other appointments might run long. However, every effort will be made to inform the patient of the postponed appointment time.
  • Our providers reserve the right to require in-person follow-up visits in our office more frequently than every 12 months. This could depend on the patient’s ownership of proper computer equipment that permits quality video chatting, compliance with the medication-assisted diet program and medical conditions.

Contact Us for Online Follow-Up Doctor Visits

Advanced Medical Weight Loss is pleased to provide online follow-up doctor visits and online medical appointments to our weight-loss patients who live in and around the Fillmore, UT, area. Please call our office at 801-559-3848 for more information and to schedule an appointment.

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