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Dr. Muse is a certified diplomate from the American Board of Obesity Medicine.
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Robert achieved amazing results from a medical weight loss program.

Robert’s Story

Due to medical reasons, I had several doctors tell me that I needed to lose weight. In 1990, I had a bad industrial accident that nearly cost me my life. Since then, I have worked hard to keep my left leg that was crushed in the accident. There was also some severe pain that had developed shooting down my leg. Due to the weight and a family history of Type 2 Diabetes, I needed to lose weight to keep my leg. The removal of the weight would also alleviate most, if not all, of the pain I was feeling.

Each doctor spoke to me about the reasons for losing the weight, but none were able to help me with the problem. Dr. Muse was the only doctor that I had seen that not only told me that I needed to lose the weight, but could show me how and teach me what it took to keep it off.

In June of 2009, I began the VLCD diet program and began attending the classes. By January of 2010, I had lost 117 lbs. Dr. Muse and his staff were very supportive. The classes not only teach you what needs to be done to maintain the weight loss, but also help with moral support. I have been off the diet and in maintenance for ten months and have found it easy to maintain my weight. I am very grateful for the help that I have been given. The pain is gone from my leg and a new quality of life has begun.

Thank You,
Robert McKendrick
Helper, Utah

The before picture was taken in the summer of 2008 while my wife and I were on our 25th anniversary cruise.
robert before
The after picture was taken May of 2010, four months after I moved to maintenance. I have not gained any weight since then.

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