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Dr. Muse is a certified diplomate from the American Board of Obesity Medicine.
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Dr. Derek Muse

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AS OF 01/03/2024

Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD)
  VLCD Initial exam and orientation $255.00†*
  VLCD New Patient First Month – due on the first day of class $90.00*
  VLCD additional months $300.00*
  VLCD maintenance follow up visits $90.00*
  VLCD Repeat – For those who have previously reached their goal on the VLCD, but need to lose weight again. $195.00 per month*
Medication Assisted Weight Loss (MAWL)
  MAWL Initial exam and orientation $255.00†
  MAWL Monthly follow up visits $90.00
Pediatric and Adolescent Weight Loss (PAWL)
  PAWL Initial exam and orientation $245.00
  PAWL Monthly follow up visits $90.00
Additional Testing
  Pre-MAWL, PAWL and VLCD test panel (Includes an EKG, CBC, CMP, TSH) $80.00**
  DEXA body-composition scan – introductory price $45.00
  Urine Drug Screening for those prescribed controlled medications from AMWL (performed yearly) $10.00
Protein Supplements
  We offer a wide variety of protein meal replacements which may be used in conjunction with MAWL, PAWL or VLCD. Prices vary
† All attendees of Dr. Muse’s Thursday afternoon lecture receive a $50 discount off the initial visit.
*The cost of the VLCD does not include the cost of the food, which averages $65-85 weekly.

**Ask about options to bill these services to your health insurance.


  • Advanced Medical Weight Loss does not bill insurance. Billing sheets for dieters to submit to their insurance company will be provided upon request. VLCD prices include the monthly required CMPs, weekly visits with the diet coordinator, monthly follow up with the provider and weekly diet classes.
  • VLCD, PAWL and MAWL prices do not include the cost of the required pre-diet test panel and EKG.
  • The VLCD, PAWL and MAWL prices above do not include the cost of diet food supplements, vitamins, supplies, student manuals, and any additional labs or medical care that are required during the VLCD, or the post-diet maintenance visits with a provider.
  • Weekly supplements for the VLCD cost about $65-$85 per week, depending on the cost of the items selected by the dieter and on the number of servings prescribed per day.
  • The cost of an initial exam must be paid before an appointment can be scheduled.
  • The VLCD, PAWL or MAWL exam and orientation is required before a dieter can begin the VLCD or MAWL.
  • The pre-diet test panel and EKG are required before the dieter can begin the VLCD, PAWL or MAWL and must have been completed no more than 6 months prior to beginning the VLCD, PAWL or MAWL. The cost of the VLCD will not be reduced for patients providing test results from other clinics or laboratories.
  • Monthly VLCD payments are due before attending any class during the period for which the payment is due.
  • Monthly VLCD payments are based on sequential 30 day periods starting with the first day of the diet.
  • There are no refunds or proration for missed VLCD weekly visits for which a monthly payment has already been made.
  • No payment is due for 30 day periods on a VLCD during which all visits are missed.
  • Payment for visits is due before the dieter can be seen.
  • Advanced Medical Weight Loss does not extend credit. Credit from the outside-company Care Credit is available upon request and upon credit approval.
  • Cancellations must occur 24 hours prior to scheduled appointment times to avoid a no-show fee and/or receive a refund of any pre-payment. Three no-shows and/or last-minute cancellations is cause for required pre-payments for follow up visits.
  • Prices and policies above are subject to change without notice.

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