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Dr. Muse is a certified diplomate from the American Board of Obesity Medicine.
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What Are Lap-Band Fills?

For those with serious weight problems, shedding the pounds may feel impossible. However, there are clever, low-risk procedures that can help you shed weight and keep it off with steady, gradual losses. Lap-Bands are a surgically applied weight-loss tool that regulates the amount of food that enters your stomach. Lap-Bands are saline-filled balloons placed around the top of your stomach like a collar to constrict the flow of food into your body. This allows you to eat less and feel full faster, helping you lose weight.

The saline balloons inside the Lap-Band are durable, but still need semi-regular maintenance. A Lap-Band fill is a routine procedure where your doctor refills this saline bag to ensure your Lap-Band is working properly. If the bag isn’t full enough, you might feel consistently hungry and take longer to feel full than before. If the bag is too full, you might experience regular vomiting, abdominal pain and coughing at night.

Who is Qualified for a Lap-Band?

Because the results are so long lasting and effective, Lap-Bands are best for those who are severely overweight. Candidates for Lap-Band surgery must BMI of 40 Kg/M2 or higher or 30 Kg/M2 or higher with like high blood pressure, Type II diabetes, sleep apnea, arthritis, or other obesity related medical problems.

What’s the Recovery Time?

Lap-Band surgery is nothing new to the weight loss world. After decades of it being available to the public, recovery time has reduced significantly. Patients who undergo surgery typically spend the night in the hospital and are discharged the next day. Most patients return to work in around a week and resume normal activities completely in four to six weeks after surgery.

When will I See Results?

There are a variety of surgical weight loss procedures available these days that generate faster results than Lap-Band surgery. However, few help patients keep off the weight permanently. While Lap-Bands work gradually, patients keep off 60% of their extra body weight five years after the procedure.

Advanced Medical Weight Loss

If you’re interested in a Lap-Band consultation or need a Lap-Band fill in Salt Lake City, visit Advanced Medical Weight Loss. Lap-Band fills are available from many different clinics in a range of prices, but a poorly executed fill can result in complications. Be sure to go to the best in the Salt Lake City area.


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