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Dr. Muse is a certified diplomate from the American Board of Obesity Medicine.
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Online Follow-Up Visits in Utah and Idaho

The medical providers at Advanced Medical Weight Loss are pleased to offer online follow-up visits for our patients living in Utah and Idaho that are participating in our medication-assisted weight-loss program and find it difficult to travel to our office for the follow-up visits. Imagine the convenience of meeting with your weight-loss provider in the comfort of your home or office by way of a video-chat session on your computer. Communicating with your medical provider by video chat is also called telemedicine, or telehealth. Similar to follow-up visits in our office, during your online follow-up visit, your vital signs will be reviewed, your weight-loss successes and challenges discussed and dietary counseling given. In addition, any needed medication refills will be completed and a follow-up appointment will be made.

Online Follow-Up Visits Process

  • Online follow-up visits will only be available to patients that live in Utah and Idaho, since these are the states in which Dr. Muse is licensed to practice medicine. State and Federal laws are in the works that will allow us to offer this service to patients living in other states.
  • Patients will need to demonstrate to our office staff that they have equipment in their home and office that is capable of quality video chatting.
  • Patients will need to demonstrate to our office staff in person, or by video chat, that they have access to an electronic blood-pressure cuff that can measure blood pressure and pulse and display those values in real time to the office over the video link. Online follow-up visits will not be scheduled until the patient demonstrates this capability.
  • Patients will need to provide their current weight prior to the online follow-up visit with a provider. The current weight must be performed on a certified scale, such as at a doctor’s office or at the produce scale at a grocery store. The weight must be taken within 24 hours of the online follow-up visit and must be documented, dated and signed by a professional third party. Weight done on personal scales, or on a scale at a fitness center, will not be accepted. The documented weight will need to be shown by video chat to the office before the online follow-up visit with the provider.
  • All new patients will need to be seen in-person in our office at least once by one of our providers before scheduling online follow-up visits.
  • Existing online follow-up patients will be required to be seen in our office by one of our providers once every 12 months before scheduling additional online follow-up visits.
  • Online follow-up visits will need to be scheduled in advance with Advanced Medical Weight Loss.
  • Payment for the online follow-up visits will need to be made in advance of the online follow-up visit with the provider. Only payment by credit card will be accepted.
  • Advanced Medical Weight Loss can’t guarantee that online follow-up visits will occur at the times that they are scheduled, since the providers might be behind on their schedules in the office. Every effort will be made to inform the patient how long it will be until the online follow-up visit will begin.
  • Online follow-up visits will be scheduled during our usual office hours and are subject to provider availability.
  • The same no-show fees and policies, and late policies, will apply to online follow-up visits.
  • Online follow-up visits will be the same price as in-person follow-up visits in our office.
  • Our providers reserve the right to require in-person follow-up visits in our office more frequently than every 12 months, depending on, but not limited to, the dieter’s possession of computer equipment that permits quality video chatting, compliance with the medication-assisted diet program and the dieter’s medical conditions.
  • VLCD and pediatric follow-up visits will not be done online.
  • Please see the pricing page on this website for pricing and additional financial policies.
  • At the day and time of your scheduled visit, call 801-272-4111 to pre-pay for the visit, then check in for the online follow-up visit at

We are excited to offer online follow-up visits to our weight-loss patients in Utah and Idaho. Please call our office 801-559-3848 for more information and to schedule an appointment.

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