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Dr. Muse is a certified diplomate from the American Board of Obesity Medicine.
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Dr. Derek Muse

Board Certified Physician

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Lap-Band® Fills

A Lap-Band®, or gastric band, is a surgical weight-loss tool that restricts the amount of food that enters the stomach, promoting weight loss by preventing overeating.

A gastric band is essentially a saline-filled silicone balloon that constricts the top of the stomach into a small pouch. Over time, the plastic of the band stretches and the band needs adjustment. Lap bands are often successful in helping patients reach their weight loss goal. Like all good things in weight loss, gastric bands require maintenance and checkups.

Your Salt Lake Lap-Band® Fill Center

Although the providers at Advanced Medical Weight Loss do not perform gastric-band surgery, our office in Salt Lake City serves patients with Lap-Bands® from Sandy, Draper, Riverton and West Valley City with gastric-band fills and adjustments. This procedure is fast and safe, and ensures that your device is adjusted properly and is in the optimal position for comfort and performance.

Advanced Medical Weight Loss’s physician, Dr. Derek Muse, is trained and experienced in filling Lap-Bands® for patients that live far away from their surgeons, or their surgeons are no longer in practice. He has done over 1,000 fills and has a very low complication rate. To ensure patient safety, Dr. Muse conducts all of his Lap-Band® fills under fluoroscopy. This technique uses a live X-ray to trace liquids as they are swallowed to ensure that the band is working properly and that the band is not overfilled.

The reasons to have Dr. Muse fill your Lap-Band® using fluoroscopy, instead of having it filled by other providers that don’t use fluoroscopy, are:

  1. Lap-Band® ports that are too deep to feel can be located easily with fluoroscopy.
  2. Lap-Band® ports can almost always be accessed on the first try when done with fluoroscopy, with minimal risk of puncturing the port’s tubing.
  3. Lap-Band® ports that are tilted, or even flipped over, can often be manipulated under fluoroscopy to allow insertion of the fill needle.
  4. After the Lap-Band® is filled, fluoroscopy is used to determine if the esophagus is healthy, if the pouch above the band is dilated, if the band is tilted, if the fill is too tight, or not tight enough, and if the stomach below the Lab-Band® is healthy.

Dr. Muse also provides information about post-operative care for Lap-Bands®, nutritional counseling, and help with eating habits. In addition to gastric band adjustments, our clinic offers weight-loss medication to band patients to assist with weight loss and to promote long-term weight maintenance.

Services and Pricing

First Fill Visit   $319.00 ($170 prepaid for Exam + $149 for Flouro machine use)
Subsequent Fill Visits   $269.00 ($120 prepaid for Exam + $149 for Flouro machine use)


Our team will help you make the most of your gastric-band surgery and help you continue to lose weight until you’ve reached your goal. The providers at Advanced Medical Weight Loss carefully follow the guidelines of the Obesity Medicine Association, and the state laws that govern the prescribing weight-loss medication.

Our office on Highland Drive is conveniently located for residents in Salt Lake, North Salt Lake, Bountiful, Sandy, Murray, Draper, Riverton and West Valley City. For more information on Lap-Band® fills or to start your diet program, call Advanced Medical Weight Loss at 801-559-3848.

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